Named best candy with cherry and liqueur


www.vsyako.netPhoto: “Roskontrol”

Expert centre of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol” conducted a study of chocolate with cherry and liqueur and was named the best of them. Tested products brands Ferrero / Mon Cheri, Dy Nastie / “Dynasty”, Vobro / Cherry Passion, Carla and Pergale chocolates. Copies of test reports are available “”.

According to the standard, liqueur candy must contain at least three percent of alcohol. The “strong” candy Vobro / Cherry Passion — they 6.27 percent alcohol. Least Mon Cheri — 1.95 percent. Most of the liqueur in the chocolates Pergale — 57.3 per cent, but the chocolate in these chocolates is less than a third.

The taste of the experts liked the products and brands Pergale chocolates Mon Cheri, but the last candy visibly pronounced alcohol flavor. As a result, the purchase recommended to all samples. Candy Carla got to the list of goods with the observations because of the label that introduces the buyer. The packaging States that the total solids content of cocoa in chocolates is 70 percent, and in fact — 46.

In December 2019, the “Roskontrol” conducted a study of the candy Bar. Checked brand Confashion, “rot Front”, “Your choice / Rodnye napevy”, “KONDITERSKAYA Fabrika Permskaya” and “Walnut grove.” All candy the percentage of TRANS isomers of fatty acids was much higher than required by the regulations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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