Named major victory of Assad over the war in Syria


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The most significant victory of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is taking control of the strategically important highway between the cities of Aleppo and Damascus. This writes the Associated Press.

As noted by respondents by Agency scientists, M5 highway connects the political capital of Syria Damascus economic — Aleppo. In addition, it connects to the M4 opening movement to Latakia, the main port of the country on the Mediterranean sea. Half of its territory is currently controlled by the rebels.

It is known that the recovery of the M5 was one of the main priorities of the Assad government from the first days of the war. Earlier the road used to trade posts with Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. According to experts, in the midst of a trade boom in Syria before the war, the road brought the business about $ 25 million a day.

That M5 highway for the first time since 2012, is under the control of Assad’s forces became known on February 11. Government forces captured the highway after recaptured the city Sarakibe in Idlib province, through which the road passes.

Later the Turkish Agency Anadolu said that in the area of the M5 was the scene of bitter fighting: government troops though, and took the road under control, but can’t ensure her safety. It was noted that in some areas the militants are within a few hundred meters from the road, which allows them to easily fire on the highway.

The M5 runs through the whole of Syria. It connects Aleppo to the North by the cities of Hama, HOMS and Damascus, and the southern reaches of the province of Deraa and the border with Jordan. The track allows the military to quickly transfer technology and to haul supplies. Since 2012, the highway was under the control of armed opposition.

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