On thieves Chubby and Bladder brought the case about leadership in the underworld


www.vsyako.netKhizir Akbulatov: PRIME CRIME / YouTube

On 56-the summer thief in the law Vladimir Zhurakovsky, known in criminal circles as a Plump and its peer Khizir akbulatova named Bubble opened a criminal case on leadership in the underworld. On Friday, February 14, reports the Agency “Prime Crime”.

According to him, currently both criminal authority in the territory of Turkey.

On 10 February it was reported that the 38-year-old kingpin Dmitry Chanturia (Miron) can take under state protection after he announced his extortion of bribes from employees of law enforcement bodies. Thieves world was the unprecedented fact of collaboration crime boss of the highest level in exposing corrupt officials. Myron, officially recognize themselves as victims of the actions of the police officers who extorted large sums of money have to be in court as a prosecution witness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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