Otchitalsya a schoolgirl for a figure of the headmistress burst into tears after being hit in the video


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Podkorchuk / “Kommersant”

The headmistress of the school in Petrozavodsk, otchitalsya eighth-grader in a short skirt and “stout” feet, got scared and started crying when I found out that the girl took their conversation on video. This TV channel “Zvezda” said the mother of the schoolgirl Olesya Kondratyeva.

“The Director cried, and her hands started to shake. All she could say — “I’m sorry”,” said a parent.

According to her, before the head of the educational institution knew of the existence of the video, she was rude, intimidated the family and insulted the student. After educational conversations with a girl who was trying to protect a classmate in conflict with the teacher, the principal called her mother and demanded to immediately come, or she will call the police. Kondratieff came the next day and was forced to listen to the complaints of the daughter was accused of lying. A parent reported the video to the end of the meeting. According to the woman, then from her eighth-grade girl behind and allowed to finish the school year. Now the girl is studying in another place.

The video was filmed in 2018, but published it only recently. The footage shows a woman scolds the girl for the look, says she’s “not model legs” and a short skirt for her to wear with that figure impossible. “You’re in the mirror look?”, — adds the teacher.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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