Russian officials dressed in paramilitary form


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

Officials of the administrative inspection and control of Belgorod will be obliged to wear uniforms that look like military. This “Rise” said the mayor of the city Yuri Galdun reported in Telegram-channel publication.

According to him, similar paramilitary clothing worn by the workers of territorial administrations of Federal departments. “The form you already used all of the regional supervisors (construction, housing, and ecochat, Rospotreb)”, — said Haldon.

New requirements for appearance will come into force on 1 March.

At the end of January in the Crimea two official came in fur coats to congratulate the blockade and gave them meat pies. One of the women, the head of Kerch city Council May Huzhina, later said that she was not ashamed of what happened, and gifts with a colleague they bought for their own money. The decision of the city Council Huzhina and her assistant Larissa Serpula was dismissed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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