She has accused the well-known cosmetologist in harassment during the procedure


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A resident of Moscow, Daria M. was accused of harassment beautician clinics in the city centre, which came to the peeling of the face. This woman said “the”. According to her, there are other victims.

Daria reported that on 7 February 2020 she went for a procedure a doctor-cosmetologist. According to her, he suddenly “put his hand under her jeans and penetrated with fingers under the briefs, proposed to continue”, she refused. The procedure was finished she paid and left. She later asked the staff lounge to give the room a Director, then spoke about the situation to the administrator.

8 Feb Daria asked, what measures salon will take to deal with her situation, for what the management wrote her personal number that “it is a sensitive issue, they’ll take measures”. The girl was offered a free procedure and also a refund.

According to the staff of the salon, the owner was sick, and to solve this issue allegedly could only she. After specifying that compensation in the form of one free procedure “it is strange,” Daria offered a full course, but in the end the parties agreed to cash compensation. At 17 hours the same day she received a call from the salon and said that the doctor is willing to pay her 150 thousand, but if she doesn’t take money to 18 hours, it will have to resolve this issue directly with the beautician. This sum did not suit the girl, she doubled, then the salon stopped communicating. According to Daria, the doctor still works there.

Daria also said that after the publication of the stories she wrote a few of the girls also said that they had been harassed by the same beautician. They told me that the doctor had his arms around them, pestering and “climbed into jeans.” The police said that even “5-7 victims is not proof”. The doctor himself called the accusations slander.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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