The flight attendant explained the danger of toilets on Board the aircraft


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The flight attendant British Airways called the toilet in the aircraft is the most dangerous place on Board to fire. This writes the Express.

“The fire will quickly spread to penetrate into the panel, destroying all vital cables are on their way,” explained Simon Marton (Marton Simon). According to him, that’s why the crew have all the necessary in such a situation, tools such as an axe and a crowbar.

It is noted that the ashtray is provided for designs of toilets on some aircraft, there is mounted only as a precaution. “If the passenger still smoke, should be a safe place, so he could put out a cigarette,” explained Marton.

12 February it was reported that a flight attendant Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific has revealed the dangers of taking on Board various drinks. According to her, in the first place passengers should refuse served during the flight of water, as it “is not as pure as many think.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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