The man was bitten by an aggressive dog and has saved dogs from death



A UK resident was bitten by an aggressive Rottweiler to save a life domestic dogs of the breed Jack Russell Terrier. It is reported by regional newspaper TeessideLive.

Sunday, February 9, 55-year-old Martin Fletcher walked on a leash of two dogs named Ben and Jerry, when they were attacked by a Rottweiler. “The Rottweiler grabbed Ben’s legs, while the owner of the vicious dog was not around, he recalls. — I somehow managed to pull the dog from Ben, but then she attacked my other dog.”

Fletcher explained that their confrontation lasted about ten minutes. While he was trying to save their Pets, Rottweiler hurt his hand. In the end, he had to bite an angry dog behind the ear. “I had no choice,” he says. The Rottweiler didn’t let a Jack Russell Terrier from the jaws, until he ran his owner.

“The owner put on the Rottweiler’s leash, but even then the dog would not let go of their victims. I had hands to pry open his jaws to release the Pets,” added Fletcher. Then he took Jack Russells in the veterinary clinic, where they received prompt assistance. As a result, the bin got open wounds of the back, chest, neck and legs, and Jerry was left with serious wounds to the neck and back. For their treatment of Fletcher paid a total of 800 pounds (66,3 thousand).

The British also had to undergo treatment, including a course of antibiotics and a tetanus shot. During a fight with a Rottweiler Fletcher lost a tooth and needed the help of a dentist. He noted that the owner attacked them dogs fled the scene and never came back. The police have been informed about the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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