The Serbs were going to split Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Republic of Srpska is going to split Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Serb determined to secede from the country. This was stated by the representative of the Serb entity in BiH presidency Milorad Dodik, said on 13 February, the newspaper Telegraf.

Dodik stressed that the continued stay of the Republika Srpska in BiH in its current form threatens the Serbs with freedom and “peaceful destruction.” To avoid split of the country he called the release of foreigners from the constitutional court and the resumption of its work “as in all other countries.”

We will do this and will not stop us, neither the US nor anyone else, because we believe that the Dayton agreement was destroyed primarily due to the factor of foreign intervention.

Milorad Domicle of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to the politician, currently the court acts in the interests of the Bosnian Muslims. The reason for this statement was a judicial transfer of agricultural land of the Republika Srpska under the jurisdiction of the BiH authorities. In the constitutional court of the country, which, according to Dodik, violates the rights of Serbs, three of the nine judges are foreigners.

In August 2019, Dodik said that the question of NATO membership could threaten the existence of a unified Bosnia and Herzegovina as Republika Srpska is opposed to this. The politician also known for his Pro-Russian stance and calls to recognize the Crimean referendum on joining Russia.

Milorad Dodik is one of the three members of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina — collective Supreme body of the Executive power, the same head of state, which meets a representative of each of the three major national groups in the country. Before Dodik for eight years he held the post of President of the Republic of Srpska, part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Republika Srpska was one of the parties to the civil war in the former Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995), which was part of Yugoslavia. The Republic was self-proclaimed and unrecognized until November 1995, when under pressure from NATO and the UN was signed the Dayton agreement created a common signs of having both Federal and Confederate, the state Bosnia and Herzegovina consisting of two entities — Republika Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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