The trump has limited the possibilities for military intervention in Iran


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American President Donald Trump has limited opportunities for involvement of armed forces against Iran. The corresponding resolution was supported by the U.S. Senate, the Associated Press reports.

Voted for the document 55 out of 100 senators, including eight Republicans. According to him, military intervention in Iran will be possible only after approval of this step by the Congress. With the exception of cases when it comes to preventing the immediate threat to the country.

The decision of the upper house has already responded by trump. “For the security of our country it is very important that the Senate did not vote for this resolution is the wrong time to show weakness,” he wrote in his Twitter.

Under American law, trump could veto the Senate resolution. To circumvent the veto only with a majority vote (two-thirds) in both houses of Congress.

Resolution on the limitation of opportunities for involvement of the armed forces of the United States in Iran was proposed by democratic Senator Tim Kane, when the crisis in relations between Washington and Tehran could lead to open military confrontation.

On the night of 3 January, the US launched an airstrike in the vicinity of the airport of Baghdad, and was killed Iranian General special forces “al-Quds” the revolutionary guards Qassem Soleimani. The kill order was given by trump. The Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called the actions of the American side acts of terrorism. Washington explained the impact self-defense, because before this, there were several attacks on the base of the international coalition and the American Embassy.

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