Who wrote about the murder of Russian patients anaesthetist resigned


www.vsyako.netSergey Kalininite: Telegram-channel “Rise”

Nurse-anesthesiologist from Perm hospital, named after Greenberg’s Sergei Kalinin, who was left messages about killing veterans on the forum “Dvach”, has resigned. On this edition of “Rise” said the health Ministry in Perm region.

The health Ministry added that the police are checking, the results still unknown.

February 11, Kalinin admitted that he had written anonymous posts on the forum “Dvach”. According to the newspaper Baza, colleagues, he admitted that he was drunk and didn’t think to kill anyone, and everything he wrote — “the fruit of his inflamed imagination.” According to the results of checks on the lie detector, the man wasn’t lying about writing messages, but didn’t kill anyone.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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