American “Freedom” and “Independence” written off


www.vsyako.netA sister ship, “Freedom”, Photo: Wikipedia

The first four ships of the American program littoral combat ship Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) will be charged, reports Defense News.

The publication notes that such a proposal in the draft Pentagon budget for 2021 fiscal year due to excessive costs, which may require modernization of the ships of the types of Freedom (“Freedom”) and Independence (“Independence”).

According to Defense News, the first four were released on the LCS program ship served only from six to twelve years.

In April 2018 edition of Task & Purpose, wrote that the ships of the LCS program “is a floating pile of garbage.”

The range of LCS ships designed to patrol the coastal zone, combat surface and submarine forces of the enemy counter UAVs and intelligence, includes ships of the types of Freedom and Independence. The first, which is a high-speed monocarbonyl ship developed by Lockheed Martin. The second trimaran (a three-part ship) created by General Dynamics. In 2006 was launched on the 11 such ships.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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