Called ways to save money on accommodation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vadim Zhernov / RIA Novosti

Hospitality expert called spontaneous booking of hotel is one way to save on accommodation. His advice publishes the Daily Express.

So, according to PAVA Clare, many organizations offer discounts on rooms in the last day before such holidays as Valentine’s Day, mother’s Day and Christmas. Therefore, if tourists are willing to spontaneous trips, they are more likely to save.

In addition, the specialist advised me to avoid certain days of the week, such as Friday and Saturday. “It goes without saying that these days the accommodation will be more expensive. Therefore it is better to choose a vacation in the middle of the week. Prices will be lower and accommodation facilities are not so loaded,” explained Clare.

The expert also advised to pay for a hotel online in advance, despite the fact that many hotels offer to pay the money on arrival. According to his observations, so the room is cheaper.

In addition, he noted that tourists wishing to save money, it is better to choose accommodation with Breakfast, because it is always cheaper than a separate fee for room and meals in the restaurant.

In September of 2019 online service Aviasales found out what month it is most advantageous to buy tickets. The study took into account booking on the route round-trip per adult passenger. It turned out that the best time to book flights in January.

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