Former “Mythbusters” has harnessed robosonic in a rickshaw and took a ride on it


www.vsyako.netThe video frame on the Youtube channel Savage’Adam’s Tested

Former host of the American popular science show “Mythbusters” Adam savage harnessed to a rickshaw aboobakr the Spot and rode it. He posted a video of the experiment on his Youtube channel.

Savage got on testing roboshobo from the company Boston Dynamics and decided to harness her to the wagon. According to the inventor, he built the rickshaw for five days. In the end, leading all ride on the wagon with robocable, although she moved slowly and jerkily. Savage said that the engineers have fixed all the bugs now Spot handle, even with upgrades. He announced new tests of the robot-dog, which will remove the video.

In June 2019, the bloggers from the USA did a mock video about how robots Boston Dynamics may respond to humiliation by the people. They beat the top whip, splashing him with a toxic substance and forced to hold a tray of cupcakes, as a result, the robot gave people back, striking their legs. For photography bloggers used a man dressed in a green suit, which was then superimposed computer graphics.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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