Published ten-year plan to fight drugs in Russia


www.vsyako.netEmployee of Federal drug control service in Tatarstan destroys a large shipment of drugs, 2013 godfath: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

The interior Ministry of Russia has published the draft decree of the President of the national anti-drug strategy until 2030. The document published on the portal of projects of normative legal acts.

According to the plan, the authorities intend to tighten control over financial operations, and countering the propaganda of drugs, to refuse substitution therapy for drug addicts, to introduce preventive measures in the educational program and to establish a unified information system substance abuse services. In addition, the document refers to the prevention of the legalization of recreational use of drugs.

The aim of the strategy the stated national security of Russia in the sphere of control over drug trafficking and protection of individuals, society and state from threats in this area.

The document notes that, according to sociological surveys, drug users in Russia are almost two million people.

At the end of September — beginning of October last year “the” has published a special project in three parts, “Russia under the drug”. The first part is dedicated to the beginning in Russia, the most powerful in the world war for the drug market. The second unit talks about a multibillion-dollar earnings of drug dealers in Russia. The third part tells the story of how drugs break the fate of ordinary sellers and consumers of drugs in the country.

The analysis of the authors of the investigation showed that the number of active users of the most popular marketplace in the trade of narcotics on the darknet Hydra is 800 thousand people. Using Hydra daily hiding 13.6 thousand caches, bookmarks with illegal substances in the amount of 227 million roubles. Taking into account the dynamics of the demand for drugs is 5.9 billion rubles a month and 64,9 billion per year.

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