Resolved dispute between kicking back seat passengers and back seat people


www.vsyako.netEd Bastian at the summit in Dubinett: Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters

The head of Delta Airlines settled the dispute between passengers who had a falling out over the folded back seats. His words are quoted Daily Mail.

62-year-old ed Bastian (Bastian Ed) explained that travelers are allowed to drop back, but under one condition. “I think it would be best to ask the people behind, not whether they are against,” said CEO of Delta.

In addition, he spoke about his personal experience in such situations. “As head of the company I never recline the chair back. In addition, I never make comments in front of sitting people who lower the seat,” added Bastian.

Earlier in February, a passenger on American Airlines took video companion, automotiveseo her over lowered the chair to the plane. The roller traveler Wendy Williams (Wendi Williams) sitting on the last row of liner EN route from New Orleans to Charlotte. Behind her unknown companion, who is not the chair leans back, punches to the back of her seat. Their behaviour has caused controversy in the network, and users ‘ opinions were divided.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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