Revealed the main criterion for women when selecting men


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Woman selecting men interested in him a romantic spirit (manifesting as seduction) and health (attractiveness and intelligence), and not availability, says the study by British researchers published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.

Experts have revealed that women, like men, easily identify partners that are configured on casual sex, but the main criteria for choosing partners in the first and second differ. “Women are not attracted to men that are easily manipulated or easily fooled,” said evolutionary psychologist Laura Adair from Brunel University (UK).

To such conclusions the authors came after interviewing 151 student in one of the American universitetov. Respondendum proposed to evaluate 110 pictures of men on the attractiveness to relations in the short-term (casual sex) and long term (monogamous relationship) perspectives.

In January 2016, the US physicians published in the journal JAMA Oncology article, which stated that the regular practice of oral sex increase the receiving partner, the risk of cancer of the larynx in 22 times.

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