Russian knackers chopped off a homeless dog paw and threw it on the street


www.vsyako.netPhoto: “Good hands Omsk” / “Vkontakte”

Russia unknown knackers chopped off a homeless dog paw and threw him in the village of Bogoslovka. This was reported to the administrators group in “Vkontakte” “Good hands Omsk”.

According to them, about a month ago someone left the dog at the bus stop of the village. After this dog named Phil a few weeks wandering the streets and begging food from the locals.

On February 13, the pet crawled to one of the yards Bogoslovka without a foot and with a rope tied to the neck. “We picked him up, took him to the hospital, he had surgery and removed all shattered, crumbled, and neatly sewed. Legs he has, alas, now only three. Now he’s recovering from the anesthesia,” — said in the post community.

Administrators group called on users to help find the Fillet master and asked for financial support.

In January, near the settlement Komsomol the animal was found in an abandoned barn almost a hundred dogs, and dead animals. Some animals managed to distribute some to give to overexposure. “Three huge bag of food flew at the time. When they smelled the water, then almost hung on rods,” he told the volunteers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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