Shot dogs with a rifle the man was hit in the head seven year old girl


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

In Kabardino-Balkaria, investigators began an investigation after a gunshot wound seven-year girl by a local resident, reported on the website of the regional SU IC.

According to investigators, the evening of February 13 in the village of Zalukokoazhe 48-year-old man was shot in the air from a hunting rifle to break up the pack of stray dogs. One of the bullets hit the seven-year-old girl who was accompanied by his mother.

The child was taken to the hospital, where he was urgently carried out surgery, during which doctors removed a bullet of caliber 7,62 millimeters.

Now investigators establish all the circumstances of the incident. It is noted that assigned to conduct ballistic and medical examination to determine the harm caused to the health of the girl.

In November in the Vologda region seven-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother found a gun in the house with relatives and began to play with him. At some point there was an involuntary shot, and one bullet, atricollis, I hit the girl. The child was diagnosed with the injury-century eyes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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