Emaciated beyond recognition, the dog began to look miserable


www.vsyako.netThinner Of Milletto: Jacquelyn Hensley

Labrador named Miller, emaciated beyond recognition because of the threat to health, began to look unhappy in contrast to the time when he was full and eating enough. This writes The Mirror.

The owner of the dog, photographer Jacqueline Hensley (Hensley Jacquelyn) of the U.S. state of Illinois, acknowledged that Miller actually looks a little sad, because it no longer gets a lot of delicious treats. “Now he’s a happier boy, though may not look so,” said the woman.

According to Hensley, thanks to diet and increase physical activity pet get rid of excess weight, which could in the future negatively affect his joints and overall health. Miller was deprived of his favorite peanut butter and ceased to feed food from the table, replacing it with a low-calorie dog food and carrots as treats, also took twice as long to walk, bringing a dog over nine months lost 11 pounds. To diet Labrador weighed 48 pounds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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