Father Urgant told about spending retirement in a day


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Soviet and Russian actor Andrey Urgant, the father of TV presenter Ivan Urgant has told about the waste of retirement for the day, his words leads Teleprogramma.pro.

Urgant said that his pension is 17 thousand 500 rubles per month. According to the actor, he does not notice the money, because he spends much of the day. The artist also said that in 2019 he for four months did not pay pension. “Later, however, apologized, and began again to pay, but it is so”, — he explained.

Previously, cross-border artist of Russia Alexander Pankratov-Black has revealed the size of his pension. The actor said that her size is 14 860 rubles, but due to the overhead introduced by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, he gets 44 thousands.

Before retirement opened Yuri Loza. He said that he gets 12 thousand rubles, because living mostly off the royalties for musical compositions and texts and participation in various projects.

The Director and permanent member of the jury KVN Yuli Gusman refused to speak about the size of pensions, but called her “ugly” and said that it is always looking for alternative sources of income.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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