Iran admitted inability to decipher the black boxes of the downed Boeing


www.vsyako.netThe crash site of the Boeing 737-800Фото: RIA Novosti

Iran admitted inability to decipher the black boxes of downed near Tehran Ukrainian aircraft Boeing 737-800. In an interview with NBC said the Minister of foreign Affairs Mohamad Javad Zarif.

According to him, Iran does not have the technical capacity to decrypt the information. Zarif said that the Iranian experts have “software, cables, and additional examination of the United States or other Western countries.”

“We asked for help, why the United States has not helped us? It is a humanitarian issue. Why don’t they give us the software?” — asked the Iranian foreign Minister, adding that his country wants to know about the contents of the black box “more than anyone else.”

At the same time, Zarif said that Iranian experts will not touch the black boxes without the participation of all stakeholders.

Earlier it became known that Iran has decided to leave the black boxes from the crashed plane itself. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau called on to give their other country, as Tehran has no adequate technical capabilities for quick calculation of the data.

Boeing 737-800 of airlines “Ukraine International airlines” crashed, taking off from Tehran airport early in the morning on 8 January. Killed 176 people, including 11 citizens of Ukraine. 11 January, Iran admitted that the plane was shot down by mistake.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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