“Outdated” Russian “Ichthyosaur” tested


www.vsyako.netTorpedo “Squall”Photo: militaryarms.ru

The head of the Corporation “Tactical missiles” Boris Obnosov, speaking in February about the completion of state tests of advanced torpedoes, meant universal electric torpedo wet-1E, created in the framework of development work “Ichthyosaur”, says military expert Maxim Klimov in his blog on LiveJournal mina030.

The completion of state tests of the product specialist evaluated positively. “The most critical and shameful problem of” torpedo expert said the absence of remote control, which makes the product “obsolete weapon”.

In November 2017 academician Shamil Aliyev said that after the modernization of the world’s fastest torpedo “Squall” will remain unmanageable, while its maximum speed will increase.

533-millimeter torpedo wet-1E, according to open sources, has a range of 25 kilometers, the detection range of underwater targets — 3.5 kilometers, speeds of 50 knots. Also the “Ichthyosaur” is able to detect wakes of surface ships with life time up to 500 seconds. The torpedo created “Dagdizel”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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