Poroshenko speculate about the nature of foreign policy Zelensky


www.vsyako.netPeter Porosencova: press service of the party “European solidarity”

The Ukrainian authorities declare that in favor of the EU and NATO, however, have done little to achieve the goals of Euro-Atlantic integration. The former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, reports the press service of the party “European solidarity”.

“At my initiative a course on European and Euro-Atlantic integration is written in the Constitution that no one dared to change it” — said the politician, speculate about the substance of the foreign policy team of the current President Vladimir Zelensky.

Poroshenko believes that the current President is afraid to offend his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and that is why in practice does not implement a policy of integration with the EU and NATO.

“When they refused to travel to London [the NATO summit], I introduced in Parliament a draft resolution on granting Ukraine the action Plan on NATO membership — a road map to full membership. Do not be blah-blah-blah, what are you for the Alliance. It is necessary to act as I worked for visa-free regime with the EU”, — said the ex-President.

On 14 February Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba said “tectonic shift” in the country’s relations with NATO. According to him, Ukraine’s accession to NATO is a matter of time, which is “sure to come”.

During the presidency of Poroshenko’s course on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance was enshrined in the Constitution. After his election to the presidency Zelensky has also repeatedly stated that it adheres to the ideas of Euro-Atlantic integration.

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