Russia has named three conditions for improving relations with Europe


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Relations between Russia and Europe will improve if the EU and NATO will change systemic approaches to development of relations. This statement was made by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushko, reports owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

According to him, Russia will carefully analyze the words of the President of France Emmanuel Makron on the improvement of the dialogue with Moscow. However, this requires the fulfilment of three conditions.

The first condition Grushko has called most concrete EU approach to Russia. Now the unit continues to adhere to the five principles of relations with Russia approved in 2016, which cannot be regarded as a coherent policy towards Russia. They include full compliance with the Minsk agreements, the strengthening of the EU’s relations with Eastern partners and strengthening the internal stability, electoral cooperation with Moscow, taking into account General interests, support of Russian civil society and developing contacts between people of the EU and Russia.

The second condition is that NATO should cease to seek to contain Russia and to try to involve her in the security system during the cold war. “The Alliance has stopped all the projects of political cooperation, which really has improved the security,” Grushko said. In particular, he recalled the cooperation between NATO and Russia in the civil security and the fight against drug trafficking in Afghanistan. The Deputy Minister also called the force of NATO’s military capabilities in Eastern Europe for protection against Russia “senseless spending,” since all these risks are to the South of Europe.

Thirdly, Grushko called on Europe to show greater independence in relations with Russia, not succumbing to the influence of America, which may hinder normalization of relation.

Earlier the President of France Emmanuel macron described two scenarios of interaction between European countries with Russia. First and foremost, according to him, Europe is able to act in relations with Russia “even more harshly” and build up pressure against it. On the other hand, European leaders have the opportunity to expand a strategic dialogue with Moscow, respecting their values and saving influence. The French leader stressed that the second option is more preferable, since Russia is an important neighbor of Europe and a potential partner in the field of security and crisis management, particularly in the middle East.

In November 2019 macron also stated that the EU should renew dialogue with Russia, despite the position of Poland and the Baltic States.

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