Russian policeman has provided parents with housing for 63 million


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The Voronezh office of public Prosecutor has addressed in court with the requirement to withdraw from the family of the Deputy chief of regional traffic police of 15 apartments in the state. About it writes “Kommersant”.

As it was established during the inspection, parents of a senior police officer during his service, he invested in the purchase of 31 of the object more than 63 million rubles. Their official income collectively covered only a fifth of this amount. Where did the rest of the money, the police could not explain.

In this regard, the Soviet district court of Voronezh was sent a lawsuit against the parents of the employee of traffic police. According to the regional Prosecutor’s office, we are talking about the confiscation of 22 projects with a total value of 50 million rubles.

Direct involvement in the purchase was accepted, and the Colonel. Acting by proxy on behalf of the mother, he signed seven agreements of sale on a total amount of 23.3 million rubles. Thus to confirm that the property purchased with legitimate income, he could not.

Only the Prosecutor’s office demands to withdraw the state income 15 apartments, four plots, as well as several Parking boxes, and other premises belonging to the parents of a police officer.

The number of officially makes the traffic police, is unknown. The official resource of the Ministry of interior Declaration is missing. In a press-service GU MVD of Russia for the Voronezh region said that the police were brought to strict disciplinary responsibility. He was also declared incomplete office compliance.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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