The Russians demanded back their donations for the child after his death


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

The Russians participated in the fundraiser for the sick child of the inhabitant of Omsk and demanded to return the money after the baby died. It is reported Om1.Ru.

According to the publication, even before the birth of the child the woman announced a fundraiser for his treatment. She wanted to raise 15 million rubles for the operation in Germany, but sent a little more than 300 thousand rubles. The child died on the 7th of January, and the woman stopped going to social networks. This was brought to the attention of its members and demanded the return of the collected money, allegedly to help other seriously ill children.

The woman explained that the money spent on accommodation in Novosibirsk, when the child was in intensive care, as well as travelling. In addition, according to her, the money was taken by police officers. “I blindly believe that he will live, even when I was told that his life was under threat. The only reason I said that nothing will be spent with the collection, I just wanted them to invest (probably to compensate for the expense of the parent capital — approx. “Of the”), it’s true,” she explained. The rest of the money the woman allegedly transferred to another seriously ill child.

In October last year it was reported that Russia became the more people who donate to charity — in 2019, the proportion of Russians has increased to 57 percent (compared to 46 per cent in 2018). Never did charity work, 42 per cent of respondents. More than a third of respondents (36%) have made donations several times, 10 per cent only one, according to a study by the National Agency for financial studies (NAFI).

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