Muscovite is back from vacation and was kicked out of his apartment


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

Muscovite Svetlana Ponomarchuk returned home from vacation and couldn’t get into her room, the new tenants changed the locks and beat the woman. She was the legitimate owner of 1/4 share in a three-room apartment on the street Butlerova, according to “Public news service”.

Ponomarchuk and a half years are not allowed in the room and even do not give taking things. “My every attempt to move ends by beating several times I was in the hospital. Addressed in all instances. Supervisory and law enforcement authorities refuse to help me to move into my own living space. The right of ownership in our country for nothing,” — said the victim.

Neighbors Ponomarchuk (family Rulez) moved out and saw the host of other people — a mother and son of the Romanovs. The woman claims that it is illegal because it and the third owner housing consent is not given. Only one at a time, beating Muscovite (there were six), a criminal case, but so far no results yet. Also, the woman tried to file a police report about the theft in the amount of approximately 1.5 million rubles, but the victim was denied.

Ponomarchuk says that the Romanovs have checked for fictitious documents that confirmed her and the employee of the passport office of the area Konkovo. While in IFC and the local branch of the interior Ministry, there are different data about who actually owns shares in the ill-fated apartment. The woman turned on the issue of falsification of documents, but the measures were not adopted.

Earlier it became known that the apartment mothers from Tyumen, which was going to be evicted because of debts on the mortgage, attempted to enter a woman with two children. She broke in with a locksmith and said he is the new owner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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