The procedure of air passengers in case of a storm


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Peter Nicholls / Reuters

Passengers should follow a certain procedure in the event of bad weather — for example storms, — to know in advance of any changes to planned journey. This writes the Express.

First and foremost, tourists are advised to keep track of all new information directly from airlines. “In the days and hours preceding the flight, watch closely for any updates and changes to the schedule. Check the websites of airlines and airports and their pages in social networks”, — stated in the material.

You also need to plan in advance a trip to awagaman — to order a taxi given the traffic jams, check the schedule of public transport or to carefully prepare your own car, checking the availability of fuel, washer fluid level and tire pressure.

Also, travelers are advised to take care of the purchase of an insurance policy — in particular, it can be useful if a passenger arrives late to the airport and miss the check. In case, if the flight is cancelled, and the airline will not offer alternative ways to reach a destination, the tourist is entitled to request a refund.

16 February it was reported that the passengers who survived the crash, spoke about his salvation and advised how to behave in case of a crash. So, the survivors of a plane crash in the mountains of Colombia in 2016 Erwin Tumiri behaved calmly, he took the fetal position and placed between the legs of the bag, while other passengers got up from their seats and started screaming.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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