Vodonaeva decided to go on a serious TV program


www.vsyako.netAlain Vodonaeva: @alenavodonaeva

Host Alena Vodonaeva explained why he decided to go to the live television programs of the Federal channels. Review she has published in Instagram account.

“I’m not going back to any serious program, while arguments in the style of “the fool” does not cease to be key in these programs,” said she. Presenter expressed the view that these programs are designed for people without critical thinking. “It’s not my audience” — said Vodonaeva.

According to her, the Federal mass media “what a week, make it the enemy of the state”. “Deliberately taking the conversation from the heart, pulls it out of context” — outraged blogger.

She advised me to read comments on YouTube videos with her participation and asked the fans to tell me about her friends, for the people “formed a false opinion invested them channels”.

In mid-January 2020 Vodonaeva appeared in the scandal center because of a post critical of the system of payments of the parent capital. In her opinion, “the desperate poverty of the Russians or cattle, which is not always enough for a bottle of vodka”, will have children for the money from the payment. For saying blogers condemned including leading Skobeeva Olga and Vladimir Solovyov.

After the scandal, she participated in the programs “Time will tell” on the First channel and “60 minutes” on the “Russia 1”, and has also established its own YouTube channel. Later the former participant reality show “House-2” journalists called prostitutes and accused of fraudulent misrepresentation. According to her, employees of the Federal channels distort her words and cheered her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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