CA apologized for the concentration camps for the Japanese


www.vsyako.netPhoto: AP

The American state of California apologized for the forcible displacement of more than 100 thousand American Japanese in concentration camps during the Second world war. It is reported by CNN.

California authorities are going to adopt a resolution of apology for the “unjust exclusion, relocation and detention of Japanese-Americans during world war II, that failed to support and protect their civil rights and freedoms in this period.”

Her plan to take February 19, at 78-th anniversary of the order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the internment of citizens with Japanese ancestry. The author of the initiative — the legislator-Panamericana albert Saracuse.

From internment during the Second world war affected approximately 122 thousand people, mostly residents of California. A special Commission, organized in 1980, found that the real reason for it was not the authorities succumbed to public hysteria and racist stereotypes. In 1988 all the families of the victims paid compensation in the amount of 20 thousand dollars.

The legislators of California are paying much attention to the past of the United States. The authorities have already had to apologize for the deportation of Mexicans during the great Depression, before Chinese for racist laws of the XIX century and in front of native Americans in the history of their genocide by white colonizers.

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