Left Russia, a comedian complained about the oppression of believers


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Comedian Alexander Dolgopolov, who left Russia because of the police verification, told about his attitude to jokes about religion. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, he complained that believers behave as oppressors.

Dolgopolov believes that it is entitled to make jokes on any subject, including about Christianity. He expressed the opinion that the law on insulting the feelings of believers, it would be logical to take immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union as a “moral damages” and not many years later.

In modern Russia, according to the comedian, the situation has changed dramatically: religious people consider themselves to be oppressed, but in fact are in the position of oppressors.

Earlier, Dolgopolov told about the details of his departure. He condemned the prosecution for jokes and explained that he does not dare to return to Russia until the case is clarified.

In late January, the comedian, along with her friend Elizabeth Ratboy went to Israel. Shortly before Dolgopolov learned about the police launched an investigation in connection with the complaint at his statement.

The reason for the appeal was the complaint of a resident of the suburban town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo for Dolgopolov jokes about religion. In standai “the New hour of jokes,” the comedian wondered why Jesus Christ was named Bogdan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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