Russia explained the deterioration of relations with Poland


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The deterioration of relations between Russia and Poland in recent years has occurred because of the constant attempts to rewrite recent history. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to the country, Sergey Andreev in an interview owned by Grigory Berezkin publication RBC.

We cannot and will not stand idly as our opponents perekrashivat history under its short-term political interests. We, unlike our opponents, there is no need to distort the historical facts

Sergey Andreevoy of Russia in Poland

Andreev said that until 2014, relations between States were normal, but then Poland became increasingly trying to rewrite history to fit modern political requests. “And this is done in order to weaken the international position of modern Russia”, — said the Ambassador.

According to him, the Polish side is trying to promote historical concept, in which the Soviet Union becomes “on par” with Nazi Germany, and his role in the victory belittled. Andreev stressed that the position of the Russian government, in contrast to Polish, correspond to historical truth. “During the Second world war won primarily by the Soviet Union, as well as those — and only those who then were on our side”, — quotes the edition of his words.

On 11 February at the Russian Embassy in Germany stated that with the approach of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war “Polish historical revisionism” is gaining momentum. In this case, attempts to transform the USSR into a hero of the war called it “simply immoral”.

In late January, the Deputy head of the Polish foreign Minister Shimon Cross called on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to tell the truth about the Holocaust. According to him, the Russian leader was wrongfully recorded Poland in a number of countries started world war II. Cross pointed out that this is not a true statement and showed the wartime documents in which the Polish government urged the allies to save Jews.

In December, Putin called the anti-Semitic bastard and a pig, Ambassador of Poland in the Third Reich Jozef Lipski, promised to erect a monument to the führer Adolf Hitler for the expulsion of the Jews in Africa. According to the Russian President, Hitler offered to deport the Jews from European countries to begin in Africa “virtually to extinction”.

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