In the centre of Moscow the man threatened with gun over the pink hair


www.vsyako.netBasil Usanovka: Telegram-channel “Mash”

In the center of Moscow on Novy Arbat group of friends threatened a local resident with a gun because of the pink hair. On the head of his friend poured a milkshake and said, “I Hope you washed up?” It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

The incident occurred on the evening of February 17. Group of friends, among whom was Vasily Usanov, was walking on New Arbat and went to eat at Food Market 21. Usanov was left in the hall alone, while his friends went for the order. At this point he was approached by a group of five people got into a conflict. One of them said Usanov looked askance at them. Another asked: “Why are you my little brother hurt?” Young people yelled and threatened murder.

Noisy company withdrew after the girlfriend of one of the attackers poured on the head of each Usanova milkshake with the words: “I Hope you washed up?” What color was his hair, the channel did not specify.

“Security knows them all by name, the administration too. We then went out, called a taxi and all. I just think it’s weird. I never thought this could happen in the center of Moscow in 2020,” said Usanov. He noted that the attackers might be in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

Earlier in one of the cafes of Saint-Petersburg seven bullies beat 18-year-old girl Catherine Bald, suspecting her of involvement in the LGBT community. They insulted her and her friends because of appearance and asked them: “are You lesbians?” “A concussion, punched through the cheek, filled his eyes, she was shaking with foam. Practically shattered knee,” wrote a friend of the victim. According to her, the girl had to sew up my cheek. In addition, the victim was diagnosed with a concussion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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