Named a way of dealing with life-threatening aging


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Scientists Women’s hospital Brigham in the United States called the reason for the development of atherosclerosis age-related diseases, reflected in the narrowing of the flow of blood vessels and lead to life-threatening cardiovascular conditions. It turned out that a key role is played by the junk part of the DNA, the influence of which can be an effective way of anti-aging. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

In the experiments, the researchers used a mouse model of atherosclerosis, that is rodents, which after 12 weeks, start to develop damage to blood vessels. Experts have identified the RNA (the direct product of the activity of the DNA) of the inner lining of the arteries and analyzed for the presence of changes in activity during the progression or regression of the disease. It turned out that stood out most of all the plot SNHG12 that does not encode protein, but also in humans and pigs.

Artificial enhancement SNHG12 dramatically reduces the speed of the development of the disease, and fewer RNA with this section contributes to atherosclerosis. SNHG12 interacts with a molecule associated with the restoration of the DNA damage and aging.

Junk DNA was called part of the genome that doesn’t code for proteins and were long regarded as worthless. In recent years it has become clear that this DNA is involved in the synthesis of RNA, which plays an important role in the regulation of genes and proteins.

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