The second escaped from quarantine coronavirus Russian woman returned to the hospital

41 Hospital. S. P. Botkin in Saint-Petersburg.Photo: Alexander Halperin / RIA Novosti

Russian Anna Rybakov, who previously escaped from quarantine coronavirus behind Alla ilina, voluntarily returned to the hospital name Botkin in Saint-Petersburg. This was reported by “Fontanka” with reference to the mother of the woman.

According to the publication, the 32-year-old Russian themselves called CPS and said that she was doing, then went to the hospital. She will be in quarantine until at least February 24. Her children will remain with their grandmother.

At the already took the first tests.

Earlier, the Nevsky district court of St. Petersburg decided to forcibly put fishermen to the hospital. At the meeting she did not come. It represented the interests of the lawyer to destination. The case was considered closed.

On 17 February the Petrograd district court of St. Petersburg decided to forcibly put in the hospital Ilyin. In the court room worked bactericidal lamp. They are used for participation in the process of persons with active TB. Whether it was a lamp on the hearing Rybakova, not specified.

7 Feb Ilyin said “the” that her deception was placed in quarantine coronavirus. February 11, the girl managed to escape, closing the circuit and pick the lock. Two days later it became known that the chief health officer of St.-Petersburg has twice applied to the court for Ilyin. 16 Feb Ilyin said that he had passed the paid tests which didn’t reveal she has the coronavirus and other infections.

Two others escaped from the Russians returned voluntarily.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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