The Pentagon revealed the response to the collapse of the missile Treaty


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Drago / Reuters

The representative of the Pentagon talked about the US response to the collapse of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty). His words leads TASS.

He said that Washington does not intend to stay in Europe, new nuclear weapons of low power. “Our response to Russia’s violation [of the agreement] — conventional weapons,” — said the representative of the Ministry of defense of the United States.

He added that the Pentagon has no plans to do cruise and ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Earlier on 22 February the us defense Department spoke about the exercises, during which the U.S. “responded” to an imaginary nuclear attack of Russia in Europe. They explained that Moscow allegedly used nuclear weapons to strike, but the Pentagon and members of Congress have decided to do the same.

The action of the INF Treaty was formally closed on 2 August 2019. The document forbade countries to produce, test and deploy weapons of medium (1,000 to 5,500 kilometers) and shorter (500 to 1,000 kilometres) range, and was obliged to liquidate the appropriate launcher. Washington broke the agreement, allegedly due to violations of its terms by the Russian side. Moscow has indicated unsubstantiated nature of the allegations and complained about the reluctance of the US to enter the dialogue.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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