Became known details of the murder in the house of the former Minister of Ukraine


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Former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara may be involved in the death of businessman Sergey Staritsky. Details of the incident are publication OBOZREVATEL said the source.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, the involvement of Kozhara to the murder indicates the number of signs. In particular, on the face of Staritsky there is no evidence specific to self-a shot in the face. In addition, the gun was clutched in the hand of the deceased, although he had to drop out because of a falling body from a height of human growth.

In addition, blood Kozhara was recorded 0.8 ppm alcohol. The source suggested that the householder might intentionally or unintentionally shoot a guest, and after scared to put a gun in his hand, to divert suspicion from himself. There is evidence that earlier the former Minister was repeatedly shot in his yard, being in a drunken state, he added.

The murder of Sergey Staritsky in the house Leonid Kozhara reported on 22 February. Initially his death was treated as suicide. But later in the investigation, there is evidence that suggests that the deceased could commit suicide himself.

Starytsky was CEO of Atlantic Group communications holding company. Prior to that, he headed the international relations Department of Ukrainian state TV and radio company.

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