Sobchak responded to the accusations of the assumption after scandalous interview


www.vsyako.netKsenia Subjectto: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak responded to the accusations of singer Lyubov Uspenskaya in the desire to “hype”, “blood and circuses” after a controversial interview for the program “Doc-Talk” that goes on the First channel. His opinion Sobchak has shared with the publication Newinform.

The conflict occurred because of questions about Sobchak’s daughter Lyubov Uspenskaya Tatiana Plaksina. She previously accused the mother of abuse and the imposition of the drug, although he later retracted his words. The artist called himself an idiot for what went on the program of the host and left the Studio.

Later she wrote in her Instagram that instead of the woman who was supposed to help to understand the situation around her daughter, she faced the television program “cold, cynical, reckless, empty leading show”. Uspenskaya noted that Sobchak shut the program participants mouths, breaking off phrases and not allowing them to say the words, neither the assumption nor the other invited guests.

Sobchak in response to the charges said that she asked questions and tried to understand the situation. “I believe that it is impossible to demand from the journalist the same thing from relatives,” she said.

In early February, the TV channel NTV Tatiana Plaksina said that her mother gave her drugs and sent to hospital, where her “made of vegetable”, has applied to it a physical and moral violence. Later she denied this statement. According to her, employees of NTV took advantage of her precarious situation. The lawyer of the assumption Alexander Benhin explained that Plaksina chronic schizophreniform psychosis, and it does not give account of his actions. In addition, it later turned out, that assumption has paid 100 thousand rubles as ransom for his daughter, who kept the staff of NTV. After the television scandal Plaksina left Russia and went to USA.

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