In France, found the house of the family of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine for half a million euros


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Journalists of the edition “Strenia” found in France a house worth almost half a million euros, belonging to the family of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan of Ryaboshapka.

House with an area of 145 square meters is located on the North-East of France, in the commune of La Wantzenau with a population of about six thousand people, 23 kilometers from Strasbourg. The house was bought more than three years ago, the wife of public Prosecutor Olesya Bartoshuk. She works in the European court of human rights and lives in France with his three sons, who were born in this country and are its citizens. Two-storey house of the family of Ryaboshapka similar to other homes in La Wantzenau, the site is surrounded by a low fence.

The purchase price of the mansion in December of 2016 amounted to more than 12 million, or 444 thousand euros at the then exchange rate. Ryaboshapka said earlier that I had to take out a loan.

As writes the edition, Bartoshuk took credits for the sum over 600 thousand euros in salary of about 10 thousand euros, according to the Declaration of her husband (without deduction for French taxes). While her parents held high positions in the network marketing company Amway.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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