Migrants settled in the apartment of a 93-year-old Russian woman and made her drink vinegar for money


www.vsyako.netPhoto: ANO “old age is a joy – Ufa”

In Ufa 93-year-old local resident Valentina Repina, completely lost his sight due to cataracts, settled in one of the rooms of his apartment two migrants who made her drink vinegar and extorted money. For the rent they did not pay. This became known from the message in the group of the volunteer organization “old Age is a joy — Ufa” in “Vkontakte”.

According to the volunteers, the apartment Repina, there was a fire, which burned all the documents. To make repairs after the fire helped neighbors, and while the pensioner was engaged in the reconstruction of burned documents, the Federal migration service employee invited her to settle in the spare room of migrants. She suggested that the way an elderly woman would be easier to pay the rent.

The pensioner has issued two men residence, however the rent they did not pay. They have accumulated debt in five months. In addition, men were deceived a blind pensioner and took half her pension on their own needs, and watered it with diluted vinegar. Support Repin came to her relative who also settled with her. Migrants are intimidated by a woman taking her child through the guardianship, and the kicked out on the street.

Neighbors of the pensioner alerted her haggard look, and they wrote a statement to the police. The men were arrested. According to volunteers, “one of the men in the manifestation of aggression stabbed a sofa, fridge with shocks inoperable”, and the pensioner and her cousin “were left alone with the problems.” They help neighbors and volunteers.

Earlier it became known that in Porkhov Pskov region two local residents accused of killing a lonely 93-year-old pensioner and a veteran of the great Patriotic war for the theft of the suitcase, which turned out to be an old linen. The criminals had agreed to Rob the pensioner, suspecting that she has savings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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