Surkov praised Zelensky phrase “not goof”


www.vsyako.netVladislav Sourcefoo: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti

The former Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov praised the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky phrase “not goof”. He told this in an interview with “Relevant comments”.

According to him, the summit “Norman four” in Paris, which was held on December 9, Zelensky all took of the President. “He’s got feathers in my thoughts,” he said.

In conversation with journalists Surkov also speculate on Ukraine. “Ukraine is not. There are Ukrainians. That is, a specific disorder of minds. Wonderfully brought to the extreme degrees of Ethnography. Such a bloody history,” said a former Kremlin spokesman, adding that “over time it will be.”

Speaking about relations of Russia and Ukraine Surkov stressed that they were never simple.

The phrase “don’t douche” became popular after the October 26, Zelensky arrived in the village of Golden in the Donbass, which was scheduled for the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops. However, the conversation with the volunteers did not work. The President rebuked one of the veterans in an inappropriate relationship. According to Zelensky, he was considered “Chode and burdock” which you want to translate with the topic of breeding troops. “I’m the President of this country. I’m 42 year. I’m not some goof,” — said the Ukrainian leader.

On 18 February President Vladimir Putin signed the order for dismissal of Vladislav Surkov on their own.

Surkov’s resignation from the public service it became known on 25 January, but in the presidential administration (AP) pointed to the absence of an appropriate decree. Earlier in February, Peskov said that the Ukrainian direction now oversees the new Deputy head of the AP Dmitry Kozak.

Relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia in March 2014 and the beginning of the conflict in the Donbass in April of the same year. Ukraine accuses Russia of conducting military operations in the East of its territory and refers to her as the aggressor. The Kremlin rejects these accusations, pointing out the lack of evidence.

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