Hundreds of thousands of people demanded to close Pornhub


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In the Internet appeared the petition, which demanded to close Pornhub. Hundreds of thousands of signatories believe the porn site a hotbed of videos of victims of abduction and rape.

The petition was published on the website Currently, it has signed more than 300 thousand people. The author of the appeal made by the organization for women’s rights Exodus Cry. Its members believe that online including can find hundreds of videos of minors.

“At Pornhub there is no reliable system for verifying that published the video, there are young victims of rape, the shooting of which CEOs earn the resource,” reads the petition text. In Exodus Cry added that they “have evidence” that it is “just the tip of the iceberg.” “It’s time to close the operating people of the Pornhub website and to bring its owners to justice,” concluded the authors.

In Pornhub said that are fighting against illegal and illicit content on their pages. In comments published by The Daily Dot, the company emphasized that it will continue to work together with law enforcement and child protection non-profit organizations to eliminate any unlawful content on the network.

The petition also mentioned the story from October 2019 about how mother found her missing daughter on Pornhub. The inhabitant of American state Florida was looking for her for about a year. 30-year-old man from the commercials was identified as the person with whom the girl saw the store clerk. Later, he was arrested and the girl was found.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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