Erdogan’s diplomacy compared with the setting of the gun to his own head


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Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan maintains diplomatic negotiations with the United States, holding a gun to his own head. This comparison has led columnist for Bloomberg Bobby Ghosh (Bobby Ghosh). He noted that Turkey, however, pointed another gun in the West.

The journalist believes that over the past two years Erdogan has turned against Ankara major partner of his country in NATO; that, in his opinion, occurred because of the flirtation with Russia. As a result, Turkey in Syria and Libya, where it is providing military support to the rebels and the government of national consent, was faced with isolation as the interests of the Turkish side of the conflict with Russia, writes Ghosh, emphasizing that this turn of events was predictable.

Commenting on Ankara’s actions in Syria, the columnist expressed the view that at the moment the conflict is converted into kinetic condition: dozens of Turkish soldiers have died, however, Erdogan is threatening the West by opening the border for millions of Syrian refugees who seek to reach Europe.

The journalist suggests that thus the Turkish leader stands requires funding from Europe for the resettlement of refugees in Turkey. Ghosh believes that Erdogan is probably also seeking help from NATO in achieving their military objectives in Syria.

The offensive launched in January-February the Syrian army has occupied nearly half Iglinskiy areas of de-escalation, leaving behind the Turkish observation posts. Promotion of government forces has angered Ankara, and Erdogan said that if by the end of February, Syrian troops are withdrawn beyond the line of posts, then the Turkish army will start a military operation. Russia, spoke in support of the actions of Damascus, in Idlib, trying to resolve the situation through negotiations, but the parties failed to agree. In recent weeks the region has twice been an escalation of the conflict: on 20 February, when Pro-Turkish fighters launched a counterattack in the area of the village Nairab, and 27-28 February, when dozens of Turkish soldiers died because of the crossfire of the Syrian army.

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