She has received a life sentence in Switzerland for the crime of the husband-the foreigner


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In Switzerland the verdict to the Russian woman Elena Panova, convicted of involvement in the murder of a local resident, will be reviewed. On Friday, 28 February, said “the” its official representative Giorgi Bagrationi.

Protection of the condemned have submitted the Appeal court of Canton Ticino (Switzerland) alibi. In 2015, the resident of Ekaterinburg Elena Panova with two minor daughters moved to the groom Sergio Giussani from Switzerland, whom she met on a Dating site.

After the wedding it became clear that Giussani has large debts on your mortgage, in addition, he has to support his ex-wife Monica and their son. Elena had to take lower-paid work. The husband began to beat her and the daughters.

19 July 2016 Monica was found dead. It was officially recognized that she died as a result of suicide, and her body was cremated. After some time, the husband confessed to Elena that he killed his ex-wife, who didn’t want to get a job, used drugs and alcohol, and He was forced to contain it.

In March 2018, He was beaten again Elena and she called the police. Arriving officers found the house a large Arsenal of unregistered weapons. The head of the family was in charge of the Armory of the Canton of Ticino. Against him a criminal case was initiated, during the investigation, which He admitted killing ex-wife, and he was arrested.

“He said that Elena has a new man, and he of jealousy began to testify about what she had planned to murder his ex-wife incited him to commit the crime,” — said the lawyer Bagrationi.

According to him, the proof of guilt, Helen began her correspondence with a friend, from which her words were taken out of context, and the testimony of her husband. On their basis was sentenced to life imprisonment, which, according to Bagrationi, Elena was not given in the Russian language. In connection with again opened circumstances, the court of Appeal of the Canton of Ticino decided to check on the materials of the criminal case Panova.

Her representative explains the bias towards Helena law enforcement and judicial authorities of the Canton of corrupt ties Sergio Giussani. He served 20 years in the military and selling weapons, in this case, as his ex-wife, consisted on the account at the psychiatrist and took antidepressants. Sergio Giussani was sentenced for the murder of Monica for 16 years. Criminal case about the weapons launched against it, at the moment closed.

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