The lawyer explained Golunova drug traces in the hair of a journalist


www.vsyako.netIvan Golunova: Kristina Kormilitsyna / “Kommersant”

The lawyer of the journalist of “Medusa” Ivan Golunova Sergey adamsin explained the presence of drug traces in the hair of a journalist. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

According to him, examination of which showed the presence of drugs in hair Golunova, is one of the episodes of the falsification case against him. He noted that the prohibited substance found on the outside of the hair, not the inside.

On 26 February it was reported that a confessed drug toss Golunova former police officer Denis Konovalov go home. The decision was made at the request of the investigator who found it possible to release the defendant from jail under house arrest.

A former policeman said that the journalist threw the drugs on the orders of his boss — Igor Lyakhovets, the alleged organizer of the crime. Konovalov in his testimony claims that a parcel planted with a prohibited substance in a backpack Golunova during the arrest and planted the cocaine in the apartment of the journalist.

Ivan Golunova was detained June 6, 2019 in Moscow, accused of attempted sale of drugs. Gross violations during his detention caused a public outcry. Activists gathered at the building of the Main Directorate of the interior Ministry in Moscow to demand the release of the reporter, many members of the media defended colleagues. June 11, 2019, the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev has informed on closing of criminal case against the journalist and his release.

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