The destruction of Russia has proved deadly for US


www.vsyako.netPhoto: United States Air Force / Wikimedia

Unrequited launch 100 nuclear warheads from the territory of the United States at the enemy will not lead to the deaths of Americans in the United States, writes in The Conversation a Professor of materials science Joshua Pearce of Michigan technological University.

Publication of the author focuses on how the unilateral imposition by any country of nuclear weapons affects her. As examples, discusses various hypothetical situations where, for example, India makes a nuclear attack on China, and he is not responsible for her actions.

Pierce concludes that the destruction of one nuclear power to another, for example, unanswered attack on the US Russia or China, could be deadly to the first, owing, in particular, emission in the upper atmosphere of soot, which is able to trigger global cooling and, as a consequence, the productivity of agricultural crops.

For example, launching thousands of nuclear warheads from the United States at the enemy leading to the deaths of 140 million Americans in the United States, whereas application of the seven thousand nuclear warheads provoke famine, five million people in the United States.

In February the head of the Strategic command of the Armed forces (AF) Admiral Charles Richard stated that the creation of the United States ballistic missile defense system (ABM) that allows you to defend against Russian missiles is technically infeasible and threatens stability.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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