A veteran of the great Patriotic war in 94-m to year of life for the first time jumped with a parachute


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A veteran of the great Patriotic war, participant of the battle of Kursk Maria Koltakova of the Belgorod region on 94-m to year of life for the first time jumped with a parachute. She told about it in interview to “the Future of Russia. National projects”.

According to the woman, in the last few years she was fond of karting, swimming with scuba gear and was flying in a balloon. Koltakova told that the parachute jump inspired by the example of her older brother, who in his youth went to the flying club. When she was 14, she asked my brother to take her with him “to jump with a parachute,” but he answered, “Here I grow up and you will jump”.

“I always dreamed about it, and after it jumped to 93 years”, — says the woman. She is now 98 years old. She went skydiving three times. In the Belgorod region it was called “the iron grandmother”.

“War taught me to love life and Home. In addition to the wishes of the world want to give all children the following advice: the adrenaline instead of drugs, to breathe and to love life, to do good to people and it’s good to pass on to their children,” concluded Koltakova.

Until 2024 it is planned to implement the national project “Demography”. It includes, in particular, the Federal project “the Older generation”, which aims to increase the period of active longevity and healthy life expectancy of people. The Russians of pre-retirement age will be free to learn new skills, vocational training on the basis of universities and colleges. The total budget of the Federal project amounted to 98.8 billion. Only the national project “Demography” allocated more than three trillion rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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