Americans began to massively build bunkers because of the coronavirus


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Americans began to massively build bunkers in the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus. About it RIA Novosti reported representatives of the market of means of survival and self defense.

Founder of Rising S Company Clyde Scott said that with the deterioration of the situation with coronavirus people began to think about building shelters. He said the current surge of interest into bins unprecedented. “We’ve never seen a sales growth of shelters because of medical reasons. Usually our sales are dependent on political action, which can lead to infringement of freedoms or the emergence of a civil and social unrest,” added Scott.

The most inexpensive one-room bunker, which produces a Rising S Company, is 39.5 thousand dollars (nearly 3.1 million). The biggest variant with a sauna, a room for plants, a pool, a billiard room and a garage for several cars will cost 8 million dollars (627 million).

The increased demand for shelter and noticed a company representative of US Safe Room David Davis. “The guarantee of security, willingness — more reliable than the “insurance” which is the keyboard only after you have already suffered losses. Our solution is primarily to prevent this loss,” he said.

Davis noted that the construction of the bunker — a necessary precaution to ensure the safety of the family, and more and more Americans understand this.

Earlier in March, it was reported an unprecedented demand for luxury properties on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. Experts claimed that rich people are willing to spend big money just to get away from the epicenters of the spread of the virus. As a refuge they often choose Scottish castles, mansions with bunkers or the uninhabited Islands of the Caribbean archipelago. To get to the places of isolation, wealthy people lease private planes and yachts, which significantly increased the number of transactions.

According to the project of the Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases of infection with coronavirus exceeded 468 thousand, killed more than 800 people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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