Guzeeva was dedicated to “bloody” its Kharlamov story about a farting bride


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Host of the TV show “let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva in the broadcast transmission addressed to the resident of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov, which, according to her expression, “just zadolbali”. She dedicated him the story about the attack of flatulence, told of one of the participants of the transfer. Release published on the website of the First channel.

The heroine of this program is a 33-year-old medical student, Catherine, who tries his hand at blogging and cosmetology. The participant of the show reminded me of a story about how badly mixed the brew and beer, and spent the night with a former lover in an attempt to cope with flatulence.

“Eat okroshka on kvass from parents and then drank beer. And we went to bed, and then began the Hiroshima. I started to boil”, — she told. According to Catherine, after several attempts to sleep outside the bedroom she “thought farts quietly, therefore, has the right to sleep under his blanket.”

According to the participants, she was very ill all night, and soon after that they with the young man parted. “I just dedicate this story Garik Kharlamov. Because I’m sick of you, well, just zadolbali” he said after hearing stories Guzeeva.

The comedian responded to the words of the master. In his Instagram account, he posted a snippet with Catherine from “let’s get married!” and an excerpt from a private speech at a Comedy Club. “Dear Larissa, thank you for the story. And if I zadolbali you me never zadolbali,” wrote humorist.

Kharlamov repeatedly ridiculed on Instagram “let’s get married!” and specifically Guzeevu. The matchmaker of transmission rose Sabitova criticized the resident of Comedy Club for his parody. In her opinion, they insult the heroes of the show with a tragic story.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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